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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Vegetarian Diet Can Overcome Problems Hypertension

Nearly a third of adults in the United States have high blood pressure problems or who often known as hypertension . Hypertension is increase a person's risk of heart attack and stroke . Quite often hypertension is also referred to as the "silent killer " because the attacks come suddenly without any signs of trouble before.
Is the risk of deadly diseases that can be avoided ? Research shows eating a vegetarian diet can help overcome this hypertension .
Normal blood pressure is usually 120/80 mm HG . Several studies have shown that each increase of 20/10 mm Hg in the number doubled , patients are more at risk of developing cardiovascular disease . Meanwhile, if you can lose 5 mm Hg , the risk of fatal heart disease was reduced by about 7 % . Eating more fruits and vegetables is proven to reduce the risk .
In the study, researchers analyzed data from seven previously published clinical trials and 32 observational studies . In clinical trials there were 311 people who responded . While in observational studies , more than 21,000 people were respondents .
The researchers only use the data to examine the relationship between a vegetarian diet and blood pressure . Of the seven clinical trials that have been done seen the participants who follow a vegetarian diet had a systolic blood pressure of 4.8 mm Hg lower than the average person in general . While vegetarians diastolic blood pressure was lower with an average of 2.2 mm Hg .
While it is known in the observational studies , respondents who follow a vegetarian diet also decreased blood pressure . This decrease might be flat - raat 6.9 mm Hg for systolic blood pressure and 4.7 mm Hg for diastolic blood pressure .
Many factors can affect blood pressure will be lower for vegetarians . Det can reduce sodium and saturated fat in the body but can add fiber and potassium higher . Vegetarians also tend to have lower body mass index , because by eating fruits and vegetables , calories into the body is not too much

Friday, April 18, 2014

Juice Diet Really Effective Slimming Body?

Juice has always been an alternative to the consumption of fruit in large quantities and fast . Some of the health benefits ranging from detoxification to weight loss is said to be obtained through the consumption of juice .However , the myth of the juice worth noting . Quoted in CNN here are some questions about the juice that needs to be justified in order not misguided.

1 . The Benefits of juiceRecent research states that consumption of seven servings of vegetables and fruit every haris can prevent various diseases . For those of you who do not even have time to eat two servings of vegetables per day , processing fruits and vegetables into juice could be the right choice . Fruit juices and vegetables provide vitamins, minerals , and phytonutrients each of fresh fruit , other than that the water content can prevent dehydration.

2 . Juice is low in calories ?Although made ​​from fruit , fruit juice was not low in calories , 165 grams of pineapple contains 83 calories but 236 ml pineapple juice contains 120 calories . The more fruit used in the juice , the higher the sugar content . Consumption of food in liquid form also makes the stomach less full , so you tend to consume more calories.

3 . Juice as detoxFirst , the body will do its own detoxification . Kidney , liver , and immune system works hard to remove toxins in the body . " There is no medical evidence to suggest the body require an external source to cleanse toxins , " says dietitian Deborah Levy . For those who want to do the cleaning of the body , he suggested the consumption of juice only three days .

4 . How about the juice diet ?You might be on a diet by consuming only juice , but it is not recommended . You better balanced and healthy diet which involves the consumption of protein , implant products , fruits , vegetables , and fat .

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This Type of Diet that Triggers Premature Death

One type diet is a diet that is now popular high- protein and low in carbohydrates . Diet is staying able to get rid of excess weight so that someone will be more streamlined and confident . However , whether such a diet healthy for the body ?
a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates it makes the body become less healthy in the future when more advanced age . Diet is also the risk of triggering premature death .
The research team has been conducting research for three years by modifying the diet 900 rats. They make 25 different types of diets by altering the proportions of protein , carbohydrates , and fats . To be similar to a human eating habits , the rats were allowed to eat as much as anything they want .
It turns out that even the healthiest diets and high protein diet low in carbohydrates , rather than vice versa , ie, high-protein low-carbohydrate diet .
The most healthy diet is a diet with a low proportion of the protein that is 5 , 10 , up to 15 percent , which is high in carbohydrates 60 , 70 , or 75 percent , and low-fat or less than 20 percent . The combination of the highest energy yield .
Eating only a few proteins make healthier animal . Their blood sugar levels better , good cholesterol levels ( LDL ) is higher , more tolerant of sugar , and are less likely to develop diabetes .
Le Couteur and her team found that high- protein diets can lead to weight it down and developing muscles . However , the diet was associated with poorer health , whether it be blood pressure , risk of diabetes , or age range . The data in humans show the same thing , they consume a lot of protein to have poorer health .
If you want to live longer and healthier , then a good diet is a diet low in protein , high- carbohydrate , and low fat . You can eat as much as anything you like . You do not have to starve yourself , you do not have to reduce your calorie intake .

Friday, April 11, 2014

Successful Dieting And Comfortable in This Way

Play the diet may be a way for someone to lose weight already exceeds the normal threshold . However, in some people , a diet can fail or even torture .
Actually , a good and healthy diet that does not restrict food groups will consumed . The most important thing to consider when diets are portions and types of food .
Especially avoid foods that contain fat . When dieting , no one is allowed to eat a particular food , except that portion bounded and if there is avoided fat content .
In addition , diet tips so can run successfully . Try to eat often but slightly every two to three hours . This needs to be done so that there is no session revenge when eating , especially for people who like to delay the time to eat .
Nothing wrong also if you drink water ten minutes before eating because of hunger could be perceived thirst but because it is not accustomed to ' trained ' , the brain is fooled into thinking so perceived is hungry .
Water also can satisfy the stomach so that it can feel full faster without eating more . When eating , chew slowly and use chopsticks or a fork . By eating slowly , will give the brain time to receive the full signal from the stomach .
For the types of food consumed , replace white rice with brown rice . If drinking milk and its products also choose low-fat . In addition , as much as possible to avoid coconut milk can be replaced with soy milk or soy cream .
Set aside the chicken skin and fat on the meat . Food processing is better with boiled , steamed , and baked  than fried foods or using coconut milk .

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

5 Snacks are Well Taken, but don`t Make Fat

Almost all women like to eat a nice snack while watching a movie , working , or when hungry night. But some of them choose less healthy snack foods such as oily or chips packaging . Without tasted these snacks make growing weight especially when eaten before sleep . Therefore , you must be smart to choose the type of snack food that will be consumed . Here are five snacks that can be eaten at any time without fear fatten .1 . Salad Vegetables 
Vegetables contain many vitamins , minerals , and proteins healthy . Vegetables also have high water content to keep you hydrated all day . Therefore , vegetable salad can be your snack when bored even just before bed because it implies not make fat accumulate in your body.

2 . Fruits Cherries 

Cherries are rich in melatonin, which is very good to help alleviate insomnia . Therefore , if you are hungry , cherries could be an alternative snack at any time . Avoid consuming large quantities because it can cause blood sugar to rise.

3 . Milk Low Fat

Low fat milk contains vitamin D and calcium is good for your bone health . Low fat milk also contains tryptophan which helps you sleep better suited consumed the night. Basically , tryptophan works to increase serotonin in the body and make you sleepy.

4 . Oranges 

Oranges contain a lot of vitamins that are good for the body . Oranges are very nice but not more than one fruit , because eating a lot of fruit at just supplying carbohydrates.

5 . Canned Tuna 

Can of tuna -rich protein contains only 90 calories . Tuna can be eaten as a snack with whole wheat bread with mustard topping . But keep in mind , buy canned tuna that does not contain ingredients such as salt or seasonings. Observe the list of ingredients and nutritional information on the packaging value.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Alkaline Diet Controversy

Diet alkaline diet became one of the most sought after and discussed over the past year , to achieve a healthy lifestyle . The philosophy of this diet is , because most of the food we consume too acidic nature ( high acid ) , causing the rest of acidic undigested food accumulates in the body and damage internal organs , which stimulate the onset of various chronic diseases . To that required alkaline foods ( alkaline ) to prevent the buildup of acidic .
Humans are encouraged to consume about 70 percent alkaline foods and only 30 percent acidic foods. Thus the pH in the body so balanced and achieved optimal health and reduce the risk of serious diseases such as heart attack , liver , diabetes or cancer .
How does an alkaline diet ? Vegetarian style diet is arguably the closest alkaline diet . Emphasis on eating fresh fruits and vegetables ( only certain types ) and legumes , seeds and nuts . To achieve a balance of 70/30 percent earlier , dieters should limit consumption of acidic foods .
Foods with high acidity include red meat , fish , chicken , eggs , dairy products , white bread , mushrooms , honey , alcoholic beverages , soft drinks , tea , coffee and foods that contain artificial preservatives also flavorings . Some versions of the alkaline diet is even suggested to be ionised water ( water is processed with special filtration technique , thus forming ions ) before drinking .
Some examples of menus for alkaline diet , consisting of egg omelete containing vegetables and ginger tea for breakfast . Pears are recommended as a snack . At lunch menu is recommended pea soup , steamed broccoli , carrots and onions . While dinner consists dati 100 grams of fish or chicken, potatoes and a garden salad .
According to experts , this diet is fairly healthy because it focuses on the consumption of fresh sayuan are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals . Alkaline diet also recommends to reduce even do not eat processed foods . But the claims can improve heart health , strengthen memory and cognitive ability , studies prove it is still lacking .
Many vegetables and fruits is highly recommended . But it should also be balanced with a balanced nutritional intake . Because alkaline diet tends to greatly reduce the consumption of foods such as meat , chicken, and only allow certain fruits and vegetables , this diet also makes you less risky consumed essential nutrients that the diet is not balanced.
The key to this diet is balance in foods . Balanced is meant is that we include all the food in our menu. There are animal products , vegetable , fluid should be consumed in the same dose . Let us not be picky for example, we eat a lot of meat because we like a little meat as a vegetable .

Friday, April 4, 2014

Recognize the Causes of Obesity, So You Can Easily Lose Weight

Obesity is an important problem for today's society . People who are already obese are usually difficult to lose weight . It could be because they do not know the cause that makes them fat .
Should know first what causes a person to be obese . That makes it the number one fat foods , such as sugar , donuts , white rice , chicken noodle , chicken porridge .
One of the most influential food to make a person fat is sugar , especially sugar synthetic . Most foods today are processed by using sugar . The people themselves are very difficult to resist or reduce the sugar because it produces a sweet taste .
According to him , these foods are some foods that can make a person fat . Obesity itself can lead to a blockage of the blood vessels , fatty liver , making a person look older , and fatigue .
If the blockage occurs in the neck can even cause a stroke . Meanwhile, if the clog is at the heart it can cause heart disease and impotence for men .
Fried foods can also make a person fat and make the cancer . Especially if it's fried food fried in used oil mixed with plastic . So every day you can make yourself cancer with these foods .
Another factor that makes a person harder to lose weight is a substance contained mercury in the body . An example is the mercury contained in the metal , if one patch with metal teeth . Mercury can interfere with thyroid hormone , which is a function of these hormones is to burn fat .
You can find out in advance the causes of obesity in yourself , then it can be overcome . If you do not address the factors that cause , then any diet program will not work .