Tuesday, January 1, 2013

6 Food Safe to Eat the Evening Without Making Fat

Many diet programs that are often done to lose weight a person consumes food ban after 8 pm. So sometimes what happens is you are so miserable and probably could not rest well because of hunger. But there are some foods that you consume at night, without making a bigger waistline. Here are 6 healthy foods and drinks are good for weight loss,
1. Beans
Nuts are rich in antioxidants and full of fiber. Beans help you full longer and make sleep more rest. This is a nutritious snack that helps regulate blood sugar and increase the production of serotonin in the body. Prepare the beans in your refrigerator to be consumed when hungry at night.

2. Vegetable
Probably less delicious vegetables consumed dinner time. But vegetables contain many vitamins, minerals, and proteins that nourish. In addition, the vegetables have a high water content so as not to feel dehydrated all night. Vegetables are low in fat so you do not have to worry if eating vegetables in large portions.

3. Wheat
Wheat can increase the rate triptophan (substances that encourage production of serotonin). You recommend eating wheat as oatmeal or whole wheat bread when you are hungry before bed. Avoid processed foods, such as white bread, pasta, crackers, and so on. Food resulted in increased blood sugar that make sleep be restful.

4. Low-calorie meat
Low-calorie meat that could make durable full stomach without expanding waist circumference. Therefore, meat can also be an alternative when hungry at night. You can prepare low-calorie meat and low-fat cheese to be consumed before going to bed.

5. Milk
Drink milk before bed will filling and healthy. Milk contains triptophan that help you sleep more soundly. Basically, triptophan work increase serotonin in the body and make you sleepy. In addition, milk contains vitamin D and calcium is good for your bone health.

6. Mineral water
Before grabbing a box of food in the refrigerator, the better to drink one to two glasses of water. You can add lemon flavor into a warm drink to make the body more refreshed and relaxed. Wait up to 10 minutes, if the stomach is still hungry new take healthy foods that do not make the body fat as five options above.


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