Tuesday, February 4, 2014

5 Problems Caused Obesity

When you walk into a shopping mall or other public places , not difficult to find people who are overweight . Even today it seems more and more and more people have it , no matter how old they are . Though the impact on health can not be underestimated .The most surprising , obesity not only affects the size of the shirt or the risk of disease , but also the relationship between families up the income . Here are five 'side effects ' of obesity on one's life :

1 . More frequent migraines 

After a team of researchers surveyed 4,000 people , found that the higher a person's body mass index, the greater their chances of suffering from episodic migraine .Those who are obese was 81 percent greater chance of experiencing a migraine at least 14 times per month than those of healthy weight . Even obese women aged 50 years and over recorded the most frequent of the chronic headaches .

2 . Easier to get cancer 
Why do people who have more body fat is synonymous with a high risk of cancer ?If obese people higher risk of all types of cancer , including slower diagnosed ( when the stage is already higher ) than the thinner and more likely to die from it.

3 . The more barren 

Women who are overweight are more difficult to conceive than the ideal body weight . Even a study of 300 obese women of India to find in the next three years of the study , more than 90 percent of participants suffering from polycystic ovarian disease , a disease associated with infertility .

4. Haunted risk of an infant born prematurely risk
According to an expert in nutrition and preventive medicine , Dr. . Donald Hensrud , one of the greatest dangers that lurk obese people with sleep apnea is a condition in which a person or suddenly stops breathing during sleep . Risks experienced by obese women not only difficult pregnancy , but only time can contain , their babies at risk of preterm birth , especially if the body mass index above 35 . Researchers also suspect too much fat can lead to inflammation and weaken the membrane of the uterus and cervix .Though premature birth is synonymous with infant mortality and lifelong disability in children .

5 . Lack of Sleep
Lack of sleep contributes to numerous diseases , including diabetes , heart disease and obesity . 's Been countless studies linking between short sleep hours with widening waistlines . One was from the Harvard Nurses Study found those who slept less than five hours each night were 15 percent higher risk of weight gain than those who can sleep at least seven hours a night .


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