Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to Lose Weight Fun at Younger Ages

Losing weight at a young age is hard work but it's easy. Many healthy diet program that could be an option to keep the body becomes ideal. Because when teens are in their infancy, it is good when it is able to control his weight, but if his body is so fat, then you should set the pattern of his life to be more healthy.

Many hormonal changes that occur during adolescence. This is what causes the changes in children's physical, ranging from body odor, acne, to weight up.

If not smart diet, your body might fatten your son or daughter has been at a very young age. If it is so, you should find a fun way for teens want to lose weight.

Here are some fun ways that teens can do to lose weight: 

1. Dance 
Someone who has weight 72 kg is estimated to burn 219 calories an hour dancing. Dancing can be a great way to meet people and some schools also make dancing a routine activity. This can be a fun way to lose weight and shrink belly fat in adolescents.
2. Cycling and walking 

People with a body weight 72 kg can burn 183 calories with 1 hour walk or a bike ride to burn 292 calories for 1 hour. 
Biking or walking to school or to a friend's house can be more interesting than to take a bus or car. In addition, it is more healthy way to lose weight or reduce belly distended in adolescents.

 3. Reduce time watching TV
Metabolism slows down significantly older when they spend time to linger in front of the television. In fact, your metabolism will be faster when you rest rather than watching television.With an average teenager spends 30 hours a week watching television, it is a lot of time to make your metabolism slows down, which means the risk of obesity increases.So, if you do not have the energy to get out and exercise, take a nap or just sit and think instead of watching TV can help you lose weight.

4. Eat Healthy 

 MayoClinic recommends consuming less than 75 calorie sweet foods, 3-5 servings of fats, 3-7 servings of protein and dairy, 4-8 servings of carbohydrates, at least 3 servings of fruit and at least 4 servings of vegetables every day. Avoid fast food and find new and exciting ways to cook meals more satisfying to avoid overeating.


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