Friday, February 8, 2013

Diet Strangest Believed to Lose Weight (2)

In a previous article in a healthy house, peeled weirdest diets that are believed to lose weight. There are some that look weird too unreasonable. but it is a diet that developed in time.
But the success of a weight loss program is to maintain a healthy diet and a high commitment to the diet is the key to a diet program.

The following is a diet program that can reliably strangest subsequent weight loss, as the connection of the previous article.

5. Drinking alcohol as a food companion 
In the 1960's, Dr. Robert Cameron came up with a fantastic diet plan, is drinking alcohol with every meal without limitation gin and vodka. He claims this way to lose weight quickly.

6. Diet Soap 
A shaman in the 18th century, Malcolm Flemyng, recommends soap as a slimming drug. He claims, with a diet of soap (soap eating) food will be washed out of the system and will easily slide into the intestine. How weird is apparently so popular that back 'boom' in the early 20th century.

7. Sleeping Beauty Diet 
Diet Sleeping Beauty performed by consuming sleeping pills to ward off hunger with a deep sleep for a long time. This method may be inspired by the tsetse fly which makes the victim experiencing sleeping sickness.

Dieters are usually deliberately made ​​her sleep in a long time so it does not interfere with hunger. And while unconscious body, believed weight will go down. 

8. Injecting the urine of pregnant women 
Eating less than 500 calories per day of organic raw foods and get a shot of hormones secreted in urine and placenta of pregnant women is believed by some as the shortest way to get 'beach body' your best.


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