Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bad Effects Of Diet Rich in Fruits And Vegetables For Environment

Diet vegetables and fruits more popular. However, this diet was not environmentally friendly. Given the amount of vegetables and fruits are consumed increased so that energy consumption is also rising. This is evidenced by a study in France.
Research was conducted by the National Research Institute of Agronomy in Marseille, France. Analyzing the eating habits of French society and the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the production of vegetables, fish, meat, poultry, and other foodstuffs.
The study using food records 1.918 French society today than in 2006 to 2007 to compare the nutritional quality of a person's diet and the amount of greenhouse gases generated.
After that, the researchers identified 400 of the most widely consumed foods and count the number of grams of carbon dioxide equivalent per 100 grams of food.
All aspects considered until the cooking process these foods. Investigators look over the number of grams of carbon dioxide produced per 100 kilocalorie (kcal). Most greenhouse gases generated is 857 grams of 100 kcal of meat, slightly more than the production of vegetables and fruits.

Further investigation of what is actually eaten by people to get a certain amount of energy from the food you eat everyday. He found that the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the diet of lots of vegetables, fruits, and fish is almost equal in number to the low quality diet eat lots of foods high in salt and sweetener.
Overall, the diet is responsible for approximately 5000 grams of greenhouse gas emissions per day per person. It deals with people who consume a diet rich in vegetables need more food to meet the energy equivalent to a piece of meat.
This discovery is surprising considering that this person found that red meat causes environmental damage. Formerly he worked on the food contributions to climate change.


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